WordPress Related Posts without plugin

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WordPress Related Posts Without Plugin
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WordPress Related Posts without plugin could improve the UX if they are the best suggestion posts you can do.

Relevant or not relevant…

I like to read related posts when they are particularly relevant to the content I'm reading.
Especially if I found more information about the leader post, to know more, but still too many sites add as related posts something to do volume, not so relevant.

I think is not enough a post could belong to the same category, or tags, to be relevant.
There are beautiful plugins, but each website makes history by itself.

Only the copywriter knows very well which posts could be relevant with another or not.

Sometimes, plugins are not so accurate in choosing the correlation, and not even the PHP code found on the web if it works summarily, taking the posts randomly from the same category or same tags.

Random, recently, descendants; are not enough parameters to do the right correlation.

Especially for a blog, I think old school work is better: to choose manually the post to correlate.

It's clear, it's not that simple if you have hundreds, thousands of posts on your website.
But: you don't have the obligation to related posts, you just have to do if you are sure they have a useful correlation, to learn more about the post leader where you aim to add related articles.

Otherwise, nothing is better, if the related posts are not that relevant, even if you think it is worthwhile for other posts but not so correlated.

WordPress Related Posts Without Plugin PHP Tutorial

On the web, there is a lot of PHP code ready to copy and paste to use for correlated posts.
Is code made available from programming developers on their websites, and you can found really good code.

If you put in the search engines field “wordpress related posts without plugin” you get tons of links.
Most of these tutorials correlate the post by category, or tags, is too simple to get a good job.

Others work better if you have done a good job with tags, or categories that contain little and specific posts; if you used tags and categories, especially subchild categories, in a relevant way you can get good results to show related posts.

If categories, or tags include posts in a generic way, is hard to get a good job using PHP code, miracles are not at hand.

For some time I used this PHP code present on WPBeginner website and it made a good job because I was using tags so I could relate the posts in a good way.

WordPress Related Posts Plugin

My gratitude towards the programming developers is always in my mind, they made available for free tons of works you can use on your website.

There are several WordPress plugins related posts.
I tried someone, but I didn't get what I would.

Is not easy to make a suit that fits anyone.

In most cases, these plugins work well, and is a great result if you think can work ready-to-wear for all WordPress websites.

But: in several pages, the harmonius to related post is not so correspondent, and when I find these on the websites, posts notified as related that are not, I think is better to relate nothing.

After all, if you have a search box on your website, the user always can easily find what is looking for; if there is, good, otherwise you don't have classified as related posts articles that are not.

The most interesting plugin I tried is Contextual Related posts, with the extension for category and tags that improve the correlation.

WordPress Related Post Without Plugin HandMade

The most logical solution is to advise related posts when you are sure these articles are relevant, correspondent, pertaining to.
The simplest way to do this is handmade.

Think about: you write a post with good content, exhaustive, rich of information, you keep it update, this is a sort of evergreen post if you keep on.

This is one of the posts that should be related to others with the same topic, perhaps tags, categories, sub child categories are not enough as automatic pertaining to by PHP code to relate this post where you want to appear.

You must do handmade, and if the post worths, worths job too.

Relate posts, is not so simple as can appear.
Is not useful to make volume, this is not the target.
The users know what they are searching for, and they know too is possible to make a search on the website to look for more information if they are not found first.

Related Posts pertaining to

On the web, I found several good posts about related articles, I think are worth reading.
Two of these:

Related posts in WordPress: make sure to suggest the best, on Yoast

Related Content Boosts Pageviews, When Done Right, on NNgroup

One thing is adding to the page Handy Posts, same topic, similar articles with the same subject or pertaining to; a lot of time could be useful write more than one post about a specific argument.

If I write about Stetson Grant Cowboy Hats in a post, I could add on the page Handy Posts section, another article about Akubra Cowboy Hats; are different brands, but the topic is the same.

But if I have the intention to advise Related Posts I must suggest not only for a topic, but for the item in object too, that is Stetson Cowboy Hat, so I can suggest as related post Rancher Stetson Hat.

In these posts, more specifically I'm writing about Stetson Cowboy Straw Hat, so in Handy Posts section I could add felt hat too, but as related posts just the Cowboy Straw Hats of this iconic Brand.

Tip Related Posts

I find interesting the solution to add Related Posts as Tip in the article, this is an example.

In the following post I write about Mechanical Keyboard for PC, why I prefer to the membrane keyboard.

Instead to add Related Posts under the content[1], I added into the page, as Tip, customized with a bit of simple CSS code.

With this Tip I suggest where you can find cheaper mechanical keyboards.

Tip as Related Posts inside content article
Tip as Related Posts inside content article

In the 2th Tip I give the link to the Switch Post where I explain the big difference between membrane and mechanical keyboards and the benefit of the independent switches.
Tip two mechanical keyboard switch
Tip two mechanical keyboard switch in Mechanical Keyboard Post

In the 3th Tip there is a link to Gaming Mechanical Keyboards post, topic lied to switch too, and with the leader post.
Tip 3, Gaming Mechanical Keyboards
Tip 3, Gaming Mechanical Keyboards

And last, in the 4th Tip I suggest where to buy the best 60 percent mechanical keyboards.
Tip four best 60 percent mechanical keyboards
Tip four, where to buy best 60 percent mechanical keyboards

[1]A good practice is to add related posts immediately below the content of the article, because for some aspects they are a sort of extension of the leader post, and is good to show them promptly, instead in another section of the page where perhaps are not so visible to seen immediately.


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