WordPress Night Mode Plugin

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WordPress night mode plugin
(Night Eye Plugin on WordPress)

WordPress Night Mode Plugin with Night Eye: a simple way to improve User ExPerience, or User Interface, light and fast, very cool graphics.

UI experience

For some time I was thinking about night mode to add to my website, to improve UI experience, but I didn't have clear ideas.

When I saw this beautiful theme, RetroGeek, stuff for fans, I began to have an idea about concrete my desire.
While remaining in stuff for fan themes, I want to quick pleasantly mention SMNTCS Retro.
My felt heart congratulations to the author.

WordPress Dark Mode Without Plugin

First, I searched on Google "WordPress dark mode without plugin;" I have an obsession, and sometimes I'm going to go ahead, because each time I found a good PHP code that works well, I prefer this, but: each time I wrong!

I tried this beautiful code found on Atanas Yonkov GitHub page, but didn't work on my site.

Each website has self history, perhaps there was a conflict in my customization child theme file functions.php or with jquery

But I think the code is good, and can work fine for a lot of websites.

Night mode with plugin

I tried too one plugin, before Night Eye, but the switch night/day didn't work; is not right to expect all work always without even breaking a sweat, things that happen.

So I tried 2nd plugin: Night Eye and all worked well like magic!
I was pleasantly surprised, even more, on the desktop and mobile devices all work well on the first try, as the greatest plugins do.

I use the free version, and there is Pro too, that offers more options.

The plugin is very simple to use, is enough to install, and activate.
In the admin area, on the left sidebar, once activated the plugin, there is the Night Eye icon; you click on it to get the settings page.

When the plugin is activated, on the left side of the screen, appears the switch to turn on/off the night mode.
Appears the pop-up with wrote:

Working at night or in low-light, having some visual impairments, migraines or simply enjoying dark UI.

How it works

I always make a test when I customize files theme and when I added a new plugin: before, and after.
I did' get any slow problem, and it makes me happy: a good plugin is useful, resolve problems, does not create new ones.

It works well, with good, elegant, fine, cool graphics, beautiful color links, and pleasant background, not too much aggressive, as could be black hex color #000000

I like a lot the result of this plugin, and I hope could improve the UI experience on my website.
Some people like the dark background with light text, instead of the white background and dark text.

I read a lot on the internet, from both desktop and mobile device, and I must admit then sometimes I prefer dark mode when the sight gets tired.

My experience as a reader on the web

Since I have a mobile device, I added the dark mode app, and I found it very useful, especially when the background and the foreground have great contrast; a classic, black and white extreme colors: #ffffff and #000000

I'm a fan of WordPress and its plugins, although I use very few, only when I consider it extremely necessary, to keep the website as lighter as possible, and to improve the UI first, and the SEO 2nd.

But I'm very glad each time as the first when I discover something new to me, and especially to realize then work well.

Sometimes is not necessary so much to get satisfaction from own work, and for me, this is one of that case.
With a good plugin that works well, I found the solution I was looking for.
In this post, I added some link, it worth adding another: Dark Mode vs. Light Mode: Which Is Better? on the nngroup.com

This is a discourse that I intend to deepen, and I'm curious to think what users think about the dark mode.

I like a bunch of the link color and when hover when dark mode is activated.
I would be sorry if a plugin should upset the simple graphics of my website, and it's clear I should have to find another solution.
I appreciate a lot the Night Eye plugin -:)


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