Vortex Core keyboard is a challenge typing

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Vortex Core Keyboard is a challenge typing
Vortex Core: challenge typing

Vortex Core Keyboard is a challenge typing in little space with all the 47 multifunctions keys under the fingers.

The habit

Man is that animal that gets used to the most disparate situations before others.
It's funny and curious how I get to use the Vortex Core, or keyboards generally.
When I use the full-size keyboard, it seems to have an aircraft on the desktop, since I used the 60 percent.
After a little period with 40%, I feel the same come back to 60%.

Just a few moments ago I tried to use Leopold FC660C, one of my best.
I fast come back to Vortex Core, in this time I prefer and I can't do otherwise.

Litte gem

Vortex Core is a little gem, a little mechanical keyboard stuff for fans.
First time I seed I was surprised.

It was not long time I used 60 percent and I began to feel comfortable after many years with the full-size keyboard.

I was almost sure to don't get to use it without the number row on the top typical in 60 percent.

But the minimal look liked me, the aluminum case, the beauty-colored keycaps with 3 functions each one, and the curiosity to have under the fingers the Vortex Core with good switch.

I bought

I decided to buy, and I opted for Cherry MX Clear; if I should come back, probably I would choose Blue, but I'm not disliked for the bought.

Actually, I didn't buy this keyboard to have a din bump click, as KBParadise with Matias Click, but for the curiosity to use this little tool with a mechanical switch.

I was interested in Cherry MX Clear, a tactile switch without the click, an interesting option.

The tactile feedback is good, rather heavy, an elastic sensation under the fingers that feel me sure to typing, avoiding errors.

The time I began to like mechanical keyboards, I bought several items, but I went slow with each one to enjoy as right the satisfaction to get confidence in all the characteristics each keyboard has.

As the HHKB, that I began to use seriously after several months after the purchase.

When I get Vortex Core, I was training with KBParadise, and after admiring the good workmanship, and made sure to play, I put it back in the box.


The early days I began to use, was not so simple; I just had confidence with 60% and it was a step ahead of more to use the 40%.

I was very curious to see the switch with 3 functions printed on the keycaps beyond the chars, and I still was uncertain to miss the first top row.

I used it for a little period, and still it back into the box several months more.
A few weeks ago, after time I was thinking about it, I had the desire to use it completely, to get the right satisfaction typing.

This time, I've made it true.
The tactile feedback is reassuring while typing, avoid errors, and the missing of little ridges on F and J is another pleasant challenge.

I had to get to use the special chars, and there are present 2 fn keys.
fn1 is used a lot, to get special chars and functions keys from f1 to f12
All this in very little space: 24,8 cm x 7,5 x 2,8 high without flip.

The Vortex Core Keyboard on VortexGear website
(photo taken on VortexGear website)

Vortex Core keyboard: without flip

Even the KBParadise V60 are without flip, but they have the case pitched to descend at the front, and de facto are presents.

I did try to add a little rise on the back under the case, and it wasn't bad, but I wanted to learn without because I was curious to use Vortex Core as well as thought and realized.
After a little training, I got good results.

Could be a good idea to add a ride wedge to try a well typing sensation, and amplify the gentle sound din bump.

The Vortex Core Keyboard is so little that I tried to add under the case's rear my smartphone, it's enough to move up the back case part.

I was pleasantly surprised by the results, I think you have to try this simple solution, to get the amplified sound when pushing the keys.

For a long time, I thought about trying a solution to move up the back of the case, and often the best solutions are the simplest.

I like a lot the mechanical keyboard switch with a great din bump recoil and sound too.
While I'm typing I appreciate a lot listen the sound of switch and keycaps.


On this page are presented the instructions to know better the functions: sevenseacat.net

Into the box is present the sheet instructions but few rows.
You get the best exploring and experiencing by yourself, after all this is one of the more interesting solutions when you use a particular tool like this.

Vortex Core Keyboard is not for everyone; is for enthusiasts users of particular tools, that enjoy find out something new every day, especially when working with a keyboard a lot of hours without getting bored.


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