Vortex Core 40% mechanical keyboard: pure enjoy typing

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Vortex Core mechanical keyboard the challenge typing

Vortex Core 40 percent mechanical keyboard: a little treat that needs a little training to get the best but the satisfaction is sure.

My Vortex Core 40 percent with Cherry MX Clear switch

I have one with Cherry MX Clear and I didn't think could be so good, first Cherry switches I tried are Green, so my expectations were high.

My first impression and what I don't like

My first impression has been good, first esthetically aspect, the black box in elegant and strong cardboard, with silver written and a magnet to close it.
An elegant package, and first emotion began right here.


Inches 9,84x2,95x1,18(LxWxH) "translated into inch" from cm 25x7,5x3).

I didn't wait so much

A little keyboard, 47 keys, the thing astonished me and pleasantly surprised has been “the short highness” of the keyboard, totally flat without backflip.

I thought could be not so pleasant to type with it, but I was wrong; this keyboard is very comfortable although so little, so compact, and furthermore so flat.

What I don't like

I don't like the micro USB port, I would have preferred a mini USB type B, like almost all the high-quality mechanical keyboards have.

At least, if it was gotta be in this way, a strong and robust material on the outside of the connector, instead of the really minimized micro USB.

The keyboard cable deserves more

Generally, I hate micro USB; I use when I have no choice.

I wanted more for the cable, an accessory that I appreciate a lot, not without reason I use the ClarkKable: look the website.

I work out what that for me is a problem, or better a bore, with a 90-degree adapter from micro USB to mini USB type B, so each time I change keyboard I use the same good cable, and avoid to push and pull the micro little USB plug.

What I like of Vortex Core mechanical keyboard

What I like of Vortex Core mechanical keyboard except for the micro USB connector, that I hate?
Everything else.

Is well made, pretty spot-on, special feeling given the small dimensions of the keyboard.

An original way of typing, something new for me that I'm used to use 60% mechanical keyboards.

Is necessary a little training

It's nice to make a little training to learn to use it in a good way, sure you can't bore and will try a good satisfaction when the feeling with this treat permits you to type in the efficient and nice way.

f1 and f2

It has been easier as I thought to learn to use the little 47 keys Vortex Core, and to have 3 functions (or more given to f1 and f2 keys) each key is for me very practical.

Customize the keyboard

There are too several ways to customize the keyboard, layout and millisecond responses of the keys, but honestly, when I purchase a mechanical keyboard, I like a bunch to use as it is.

After each weighted purchase, I like to enjoy the item for a long time to come, appreciating all the little big things you can find out every day, learning to use a specific item, in this for the Vortex Core 40 percent mechanical keyboard.

The pure pleasure of writing

Writing is always a pleasure, something make feel good, as running; with Vortex Core is the pure pleasure of writing.

This means for me to use this little keyboard, obviously, like for all the other mechanical keyboards I have, because of is so, is for I like too much.

PBT keycaps

The keycaps are in good PBT, and the feeling is right, worths to remember one more time despite the flat plane the keyboard returns a great comfortable typing.

Try to believe.

Under the fingers the good sensation is high, the surface of the keycaps is nice, little rough, just a perception, that helps to find the home row position with the keys F and J without the little-elevated tabs, oh yes, stuff for fans.

Touch typing

Is not so long time I write without watch the keys, one year ago about, and I thought to find me in difficult without this benchmark.

Instead, the keyboard is so little that you have all the keys under the fingers, and given the little size, with the pinkies, you can easily “take the measures” and fun yourself.

I learned touch typing on TypingStudy.com take a look

The aluminium case

Touching the good aluminium case is a good sensation, even if is not necessary for writing, you hardly resist the temptation to caress with fingertips the high-quality case.

Very comfortable, for the touching too, the four little rubber backing, soft but stable, doesn't permit slide to the keyboard on the supporting surface.

The Cherry MX Clear switch to return good feedback, not noisy, nice and with an interesting rubber band feeling, not so strong as Cherry Green that I like a bunch, but sure not too bad.

So type well&stay in touch.


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