Stetson Rancher hat genuine shantung Panama

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I'm crazy for Stetson hat, no doubt
Stetson Rancher straw hat

Stetson Rancher hat genuine Shantung Panama authentic 10X: I'm crazy for Her Grace, the Crown, a very comfortable hat for the summer.

Stetson Rancher hat: I get crazy

I get crazy for Stetson hats tall crown, the big crease, the fender bender dent on side, the wide brim, and the little hatband. Oh yes.

The only flaw: the leather sweatband

This is my 4th Stetson hat, 2nd in straw, and the only flaw of my straw hat (and Shantung like this) is the leather sweatband.

When gets wet by sweat or rain, you must wait a lot of time for drying, perhaps another material like felt would have been better, sure.

I like a bunch the cowboy hats

However, I'm crazy for Stetson hats, I get hooked on this design of the crown, the crease, the dent, the bream, the hatband: crown like this is for me ”trademark“ of Stetson, remember me the hat of glorious U.S.A. air cavalry, like that of Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore in Apocalypse Now. Wow.

The sweatband is the only flaw for a hat that I like a bunch, I really like this crown style.

When I began to feel good about cowboy hat

First times I listen to speak about Stetson hats, was in Jim Thompson's novel (1906-1977,, and I began to realize how is an icon hat for the U.S.A.

What I like of Rancher Stetson Hat

The Rancher Stetson hat is very comfortable for the hot seasons, even if you can wear it when you prefer, in winter too in interior space; oh yes, even when I'm in home I wear the hat, a lot of times, almost always, it comforts me.

I was searching for strong hat made to last

I began to wear the cowboy hat style for practicality, to protect me from the rain and snow when I go for fields every day with my dog in winter too.

I always have been captivated by cowboy hats, so I tried to wear, and I can't go out of the home without, but the curious thing is I wear even in the home.

Wear the hat is extension of yourself

Because of wear, the hat, for me is something like a tattoo: I make for myself, and I know there is, is something make me feel better even when nobody sees it.

Brings the hat is something that is part of you, like a tattoo.
The style of Rancher Stetson hat is something classic, the thing I like most of all: Her Grace the Crown.

The highness of the Crown

Tall 5 inch (about 13 cm) although seems taller, and I like more for this aspect too, the crease is solid, a good bump, and the beautiful fender bender dent on the side: great, makes me crazy, and the little hatband, a touch of style.

The brim is wide, and in contrast to Grant Stetson hat where I folded the brim as roll, in the Rancher hat I left wide as I received; until now, at least.

Price and shipping of the Rancher Stetson hat

Tax charges

I live in Italy, and find a Stetson hat made in the U.S.A. is not so simple, not for me at least, but in Europe too.

The European market cowboy hat

There is the website of Stetson Europe, but the choice is limited in comparison to the U.S.A. market, especially for the straw cowboy's hat, and the hat's design is different, I think is just for the European market, political choice of the brand, I imagine.

I have two felt Stetson hat, purchased one close to my home, and one by a German vendor.

Two very good quality hats, 100% wool felt, light, comfortable, high quality field-tested under the strong rain and snow, one of best test for try the quality hat.

Both these hats are made in China, and are not present on the U.S.A. website hat's vendors, I think are items for Europe by the John B. Stetson Company, indeed are present in Stetson Europe website.

The shipping and the custom charges

The price of the U.S.A. hat is affordable, less the shipping and customs charges more, but there isn't alternative for me: if I want a Stetson like this, I must purchase in the U.S.A.

Practically I pay almost double, passion is this too.

Now and then is right to make ourselves a gift, and for me, a good hat is always something special, that makes me feel better.

Look at the beauty on this page.

So, keep well your hat&stay in touch.


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