Stetson Batson Cattleman felt hat: very comfortable

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Stetson Batson Cattleman cowboy hats

Stetson Batson Cattleman hat is a good quality felt hat made in 100% wool, obviously waterproof, very comfortable, soft, light, a pleasure to wear.

Stetson Batson Cattleman hat: a pleasure to wear

This hat is (or was) present on Stetson Europe website, is made in China, and the quality is very high, spot-on for cold and mid-season, easy and very pleasant portability.

Where I purchased the Stetson felt hat Batson and the price

I purchased this beautiful hat by a German vendor, brown colour, perhaps because the last item at that moment to the vendor, I paid it 79,00 € (66,52 £).

On the Stetson Europe's website, the price is (was) 119,00 € (100,20 £).

It was the last item and my size too, so I cannot resist purchasing this Stetson hat, Batson.

For the European market

Probably is one of the hats made for the European market, I didn't find this hat on the Stetson U.S.A. website, I don't know if it is just not carried on, or is never been inside the U.S.A. market, although several American shops have it in sell.

Stetson hat Made in China: is not a news
Made in China

Any answer about from Stetson

I asked about to the Stetson Europe website, but I don't have received an answer.

But I'm glad for the quality

However, I'm very glad for the good quality wool felt, is a hat very comfortable and easy to keep, pleasant to wear it, good the crease and the dent, and right stiff the bream easily to shape and keep the roll.

Batson is my 2th Stetson felt hat

I have another Stetson hat, Hackberry, purchased in a shop close to my home, and is present too on the Stetson Europe website, in line with the price of this quality hat, 119,00 € (100,20 £).

Batson hat clear brown is for me a beautiful color, and with this price, I think is not too bad.

What I like more of Stetson felt hat Batson Cattleman

The most beautiful thing about the felt hats is the easiness with you wear, in every context, is casual and elegant too at the same time, at least has that good and polite touch of rough that never hurt anybody.

The best hat test

The best way for me to test a hat is wearing it under the strong rain, or snow in the winter: if the hat makes perfect sense is right, and I can to keep it every moment.

Especially comfortable with cold while the winter.

The brim

Appropriate attention worths the brim: right stiff, is important when you need to get the desired shape and keep it without problems.

The portability is very high and you get pleasantly wear a lot of consecutive hours without any stress: this is another important plus for the hat.

Asahi Guard® treatment

Even this hat is treated with Asahi Guard®, waterproof and oil repellent.

The easiness of the hat to dry by itself without any problem is another great plus that shows the right quality of the item.

These for me must be the primary and essential requirements that can't lack in a hat.

Hat sweet hat: no more without

In winter the felt hat that I like more, I have an idea, needless to say, to purchase before the winter one or two more felt hat, I'm also thinking to Akubra, icon Aussie style for the cowboy hat, but at least one Stetson felt hat this time made in the U.S.A. is in my wish.

After the Batson Hat

Well, I purchased: Cowboy felt hat Akubra Bronco: my first Akubra hat, and Cowboy felt hat Akubra Woomera, and are greats -:)

Good softness felt 100% wool

Batson hat keeps the great softness felt 100% wool, and the brim of stiffer hats, and I like a bunch how much it's easy to shape and roll the brim as you prefer, customize the hat, after all, is one of the most important prerogatives for everyone.

Wear the hat makes feel me better

Wear the hat is a pleasure, a style, is something you love without half-measures, you wear the hat for yourself first, to protect you from bad weather, or the strong sun, but probably you take however for the pleasure to keep it on your head.

I always keep on head

Since when I began to bring the hat, two years ago, I couldn't go around without, it would me appear to lack something, perhaps is for this too that I often wear the hat even when I'm at home, and sure anyone watches me; I wear the hat for myself first, to feel me better.

The right hat for each season: but-not-only

The right hat for the right season, I wish to widen my little hat's collection soon; although, a good hat, could be wear in each season.

The hat is almost an extension of your personality, you no need a lot of words when you watch yourself with a good hat on your head.

If you desire to check: Stetson (go to the website), and Akubra (take a look).

So, keep well your hat&stay in touch.


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