Smooth Back To Top Button WordPress Plugin great change UX!

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Smooth back to top button WordPress plugin
Smooth back to top button WordPress Plugin

Smooth back to top button WordPress Plugin: could a plugin change your Experience with your website and User Experience too?!

Funny idea

It's a funny idea, but is nice.
Recently I started a website on subdomain about cigars review, and I decided to do the simplest thing possible.

I thought: choose one theme you like and don't change anything, it's enough how much there is.
I installed Rank Math Seo, Autoptimize, old school Classic Editor, Cookie Notice for advertising, and I chose Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme.

I like it a lot, is minimal, speed, light, once in a while I would engage myself just on the content, and let the technical aspects to the theme and the plugins, without modifying to customize.
After all, this is the power of WordPress.

Little customize

Inevitably some little aspect I always desire to customize, but this time without doing a lot of work.
I always used plugins when I judge them important, I don't like to fill the website installing the plugin for each thing I need.
I prefer to use functions.php file when there is the possibility to use less code and don't decrease the website speed.

The website is taking shape that I like, minimal, I just changed the main header background color, and I realized that something was missing: the back to the top button!
I find it very useful, not just when I'm working on the website, but even as a user too.
I did not want to add some code, so I decided to search for a simple plugin to do this for me.

Smooth Back To Top Button

I found Smooth Back To Top Button WordPress Plugin, this is the WordPress page; and I was pleasantly surprised by using it!
Particularly for the scrolling estimated reading time around the button: simply brilliant!

This plugin has revolutionized my kind of watching the back to the top button, when I saw it the first time at work I was surprised, even after a lot of years I'm working with the Internet and WordPress too.
This is one of the greatest aspects when you love your work: you can change the perspective with which to look at things and to learn something new every day.

As a user, I find useful the smooth back to the top button, mostly when there is a lot of content on the page and the scrolling is long.
A simple little button that can drastically change the UX.
A simple static button without smooth is not the same, is too drastic, mostly when the content on the page is very long.

The smooth scrolling is more user friendly

The smooth is more kind, and it permits you to watch better while scrolling.
And instead of using the horizontal scroll bar at the top to follow the scrolling of the page, around the button the Smooth Back To Top Plugin shows you too; 2 functions in 1!

These are the little things that can change a lot the experience while you using a website; for me at least.

This plugin is very light, do not impact in any way to the speed of the website using jquery and PHP and does not create any conflict with other plugins on my website.
These are the little things I wonder why because I hadn't get there before!

The UX on the Internet

There are so many aspects to improve the User Experience on the website, and back to the top button is one of these, especially when the post content is long when you write an exhaustive article to give more information possible about a specific topic.

I like it a lot reading on the internet, I always find interesting articles with the information I looking for, and I find useful the back to the top button because I usually read one-time more specific paragraphs, I like scrolling the content and searching the most interesting pieces of information, and without scrolling, that is impossible, especially on the mobile devices, and without back to the top button, I would feel that I miss something to explore in the best way all the information of my research.

Several times I found it boring scrolling with the fingers a long post.

I was very surprised by the simplicity of Smooth Back To Top Button WordPress Plugin, especially, I admit, for the simple and great idea to apply around the button on the scrolling page measure while reading.

According to Nielsen Norma Group the users expect to see the back to top button on the lower right side of the page, and instinctively I thought so before reading the article.
Is the less intrusive place to put here the button, at least for people reading from left to right; otherwise could be more appropriate to place the button at the lower left of the page.

Several aspect of back to the top button in the UX

Is interesting to note how several aspects could interest the User Experience on the Internet in the NNGroup article cited above.
As the importance to specify a label writing Back To The Top in certain cases to clearly distinguish the button from other elements in the layout of the page, for example when the without label button overlaps content, links, and so on.

Another interesting aspect has tied to the alternatives to the back to top button with links in the footer of the page when you think could be useful to suggest other articles, or more the sticky menu; I find could be useful for a desktop: I use this in one of my website just for the desktop version but not in mobile devices.

• When I use the mobile device in landscape mode and find the sticky menu is very annoying and prevents to reading well the content, is something that ruins the positive User Experience and I leave the website if I don't want to see in the portrait modality.

The simple back to top icon

After a lot of years of internet use, the users know very well the icons: right, left, top, button, and so on.
If the back-to-top button as the Smooth Back To Top Button WordPress Plugin does, is a simple and clear way to show the possibility to return at the beginning of the page.

Is logical to put the icon in the right place where could not overlap with other elements of the page. If the content is clear, as a lot of text, the top arrow positioned to the lower right of the page can mean just one thing: back to the top of the page.

All that could be extremely useful on the desktop could not be for the mobile devices and is right to test with this the usability of the harder aspect of the UX, since the use of mobile devices is almost everywhere and it has had a big impact on the internet change using.


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