Even if I'm Italian I've got used to ANSI layout due to the first PC keyboard liked me so much, the Arctic.
The 60 percent keyboard have revolutionized my approach to writing at PC.

Happy Hacking Keyboard

Happy Hacking Keyboard
(Photo by Peppy Toad on Unsplash)

Happy Hacking keyboard: Those who spend several hours a day typing in front of the PC need a simple but special keyboard.

HHKB Pro 2, my experience: I can’t stop to use

HHKB Pro 2
(Photo by Peppy Toad on Unsplash)

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2: when I began to use almost though so little difficult to do a training, what's happened if now I feel me so good to writing it?

Leopold FC660C keyboard with Topre switches: oh, so pretty

Leopold FC660C

Leopold FC660C is the best 60% keyboard I ever tried: a soft recoil of Topre switches with great support of backplate, a great idea from Leopold Company, this keyboard is her flagship

Leopold FC660C with Topre electrostatic capacitive switches: I don't know if they are mechanical, membrane, hybrids, but what I know is they are delicious.

Mechanical Keyboards to write…

Mechanical Keyboards
(Photo by Jay Zhang on Unsplash)

My experience

When I began to use the mechanical keyboard to work at PC, a new kind of writing revolutionized my approach to typing.

Many years ago I began to work at PC, and I didn’t like so much the standard cheaper keyboard by default.

Multicolored computer mechanical keyboard
(Photo by Paul Esch-Laurent on Unsplash)

60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards

The first keyboard I liked was Arctic Cooling K381 that made me understand what important tool for people work at PC.
Some years ago, I decided I wanted something better; the light was turned on!

In the little space I have on my desktop, I feel good with these, but beyond that, I have all the keys I need under my fingers, without extra space filled by a full-size keyboard, at my right.

ANSI Layout

Due to this, I even found out that I prefer ANSI layout, instead of ISO.
I use WordPress with Classic Editor, and in the database, I prefer to keep HTML entities instead of special chars, so is useless for me to use ISO Italian layout.

The first mechanical keyboard I bought was Motospeed CK104 with Outemu blue switch, and I understood the great difference between membranes.
My passion became.

Cable mechanical keyboards
(Photo by Joey Remedy on Unsplash)

Since that moment, I didn't get considered the 60 percent, it has seemed me something for fans.
Another passion became, this time for the compact mechanical keyboard, I found out cut for me.

The case

I don't like so much plastic, but by now is always, even where it shouldn't be.
I would like a lot to see more mechanical keyboards with aluminum case, as the little Vortex Core, but there some gems to choose with the aluminum alloy body.
Is something different, give another feeling, made to last.