Leopold FC660C keyboard with Topre switches: oh, so pretty

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Leopold FC660C is for me the best 60% keyboard I ever tried: a soft recoil of Topre switches with great support of backplate, a great idea from Leopold Company, this keyboard is her flagship
Leopold FC660C capacitance: C=Q/V=ε(A/t)

Leopold FC660C with Topre electrostatic capacitive switches: I don't know if they are mechanical, membrane, hybrids, but what I know is they are delicious.

The pleasure to writing with

Leopold FC660C is a great little keyboard without compromise: high quality standard.
They are a great pleasure for writing, and this little but simply great 60% mechanical keyboards are lovely: if you try you can't come back. Oh yes.

Leopold FC660C for writing with a great tool

Because of writing with a great, even with little keyboard, fill your mind while you throw on the spreadsheet your ideas, your feelings, your emotions: all that you do becomes better.

Yes ma'am, yes sir: writing is always a pleasure with each tool, the pencil, the fountain pen, the quill pen, and when the tool is a keyboard, if you like and love this keyboard, writing is a gift.

High-Quality standard keyboard

This beautiful, amazing mechanical keyboard snatches you, since the first moment you begin to push the keycaps, and under your fingertips, you feel something never tried before.

At least is so for me, I remember my first time with this Topre switches 45 grams as actuation force; not so much for me that I like a bunch 65 gr as Matias Click, or 80 gr as Cherry MX Green, and Buckling Springs too.

And more, if you tried