Leopold FC660C keyboard with Topre switches: oh, so pretty

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Leopold FC660C

Leopold FC660C is the best 60% keyboard I ever tried: a soft recoil of Topre switches with great support of backplate, a great idea from Leopold Company, this keyboard is her flagship

Leopold FC660C with Topre electrostatic capacitive switches: I don't know if they are mechanical, membrane, hybrids, but what I know is they are delicious.

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The pleasure to writing with

Leopold FC660C is a great little keyboard without compromise: high quality standard.
Is a great pleasure for writing, and this little but simply great 60% mechanical keyboards are lovely: if you try you can't come back. Oh yes.

Leopold FC660C for writing with a great tool

Because of writing with a great, even with little keyboard, fill your mind while you throw on the spreadsheet your ideas, your feelings, your emotions: all that you do becomes better.

Yes ma'am, yes sir: writing is always a pleasure with each tool, the pencil, the fountain pen, the quill pen, and when the tool is a keyboard, if you like and love this keyboard, writing is a gift.

High-Quality standard keyboard

This beautiful, amazing mechanical keyboard snatches you, since the first moment you begin to push the keycaps, and under your fingertips, you feel something never tried before.

At least is so for me, I remember my first time with this Topre switches 45 grams as actuation force; not so much for me that I like a bunch 65 gr as Matias Click, or 80 gr as Cherry MX Green, and Buckling Springs too.

And more, if you tried Matias click you are well used to a good recoil, a real din bump, but the Topre switch doesn' is great anything about tactile feedback.

Clear, this is a soft bump, but you can't stop to write and is a pleasure.

Topre Switch
(image on realforce.co.jp)

The Leopold FC660C that is equipped with Topre switced is my best 60% keyboard and the Topre with backplate make this more better: I love keyboard with switch plate mounted.

She's got the magic touch: do you remember the Kiss song?

The high-quality of Leopold FC660 is in each part, and the keyboard is inspected in Japan.

This keyboard, the Leopold FC660C equipped with Topre switches 45 grams, for a lot of fans is considered the status symbol of 60% keyboard, together with the Happy Hacking Keyboard manufactured by PFU Limited of Japan.

The backplate makes the difference

Rather, more the HHKB, very particularly, and without plate mounted switch, and use PCB (Printed Circuit Board) planning.

However, the Leopold FC660C is a great opportunity for people love 60% keyboards with the amazing Topre switches on a plate mounted: oh yeah, she's got the magic touch.

Given the great combination of Topre switch planning on the backplate.

In Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional II, the switches are the same, but without backplate.
I'm using HHKB since one years ago, another little great keyboard, but the backplate makes the difference.

Do Not confuse with FC660M

Leopold produces too the FC660M equipped with Cherry MX switches: same keyboards in the shape, but different by the heart.

The keycaps are very nice to pushing, really great feeling under the fingertips, high-quality PBT lightly rough to the touch that makes more sensibility to the fingers.

Strong and soft switch

The Topre switches are soft, but if you keep the fingers lay above the keycaps, doesn't happen anything, the switch doesn't start accidentally: soft but strong too.

Strong for the high precision typing, and soft for the touching while you write, you can go ahead for a lot of hours with enthusiasm without bore, rather with real pleasure to writing.

Planned to do the best

This little great keyboard is planned to do the best, nothing is left to chance: the care of the build, the case with back-flip, the four directional arrows always but always so useful.

Couldn't lack the 4 deep-switch to customize what you prefer, the inspection of Topre switch in Japan, the great feeling with the keycaps, and the amazing and gentle quiet bump strong enough to avoid mistakes given to the sudden touch to the keycaps.

Leopold Korean Company

Leopold is a Korean Company founded in 2006 (go to the website), and sights to the high-quality mechanical keyboards, and the FC660C represents one of their flagship that has found a lot of interest by the fans for mechanical keyboards (Tastiere meccaniche).

Topre switch is another world

At the moment I'm writing, I'm waiting for the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2…

well, at the moment the shipping is finished, and the keyboard is under my fingertips, but we are speaking about Leopold FC660C, and the great things that these two keyboards have in common are the Topre switches 45 grams.

The difference between HHKB

Another great thing of Leopold, an important difference between HHKB, is the plate mounted technology; worth to remember one more time because is great idea.

This makes the classic thock Topre full-bodied, Leopold weights 730 grams, is a solid 60% keyboard with the feet stuck firmly on the ground, and you have the comfortable feeling while writing, and the pleasant satisfaction to work with a really great little keyboard.

Stuff for fans

This keyboard is stuff for fans, as goods as it gets, a keyboard for lovers of writing with something really special, that you can't meet every day.

60 percent keyboard cannot have half measures: you love or hate.
And if you love you've got to appreciate a bunch this little great keyboard.
A gift.

Where purchase Leopold FC660C

I purchased the keyboard on eBay.it by a vendor with 100% positive feedback, widebasket, and so I trusted in him for the purchase of this high-quality item, but unfortunately this seller is currently away until 09/01/20.

Although estimated time delivery was over 40 days, in 8 days was delivered to me in Italy from South Korea with fine tracking by the shipping. I didn't get to believe to had realized this little big dream.

The seller Widebasket, is no more present. Sorry; but these are interesting option.

So, keep well your writing&stay in touch.


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