KBParadise V60 vintage mechanical keyboard Matias click switch: good recoil

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KBParadise V60 vintage style with Matias click switch is tailor-made for 60% mechanical keyboard lovers
KBParadise V60 vintage style with Matias click switch

KBParadise V60 vintage 60 mechanical keyboard with Matias click switch is a very interesting gem even for the rate quality/price: very good keyboard.

KBParadise V60 Matias click vintage style mechanical keyboard

It has been my 2nd high quality keyboard, after another KBParadise with Cherry MX green, same shape and different heart: “the switch.”

My first impression about KBParadise V60 Matias Click

My first impression with KBParadise V60 vintage style keycaps with Matias click switch, has been something special for me, great feeling for the recoil of these switches.

Real din bump, and it is what I was searching for, a mechanical keyboard that gave me the clear sensation of the typewriter: strong recoil, good sound, mind full of fun while writing. Great.

The Matias website

I appreciated a lot the words wrote on the Matias website (take a look):

They click.
These switches don't just click, they click with reckless abandon.
They click like they were born to click. If you learned to type on a typewriter and are comforted by that sound, these are the switches for you. If you're a gamer, think Gatling gun.

I trusted in

I had trust in these words, and I purchased the keyboard with Matias click switch: and I'm very glad.

KBParadise V60 vintage 60 mechanical keyboard fingers feeling

The clear, strict feelings under the finger made me feel very good while I am writing, and one more time I found trust product the KBParadise mechanical keyboard, perhaps a cheaper alternative to Vortex, but however a high-quality mechanical keyboard.

Simple, minimal, without backflips because they don't need, the case is high, so well for a good writer, the keyboard has all that is useful and nothing more.

Clear design, simple, good quality ABS: made to last.

The amazing look of KBParadise V60: minimal, linear, clear and clean style: nothing more, nothing less. That's right
The look of KBParadise V60 vintage style

Matias click switch: the pleasure under the finger

I never have been able to have half measures: I love or I hate.
This keyboard: I love.

I like a bunch KBParadise keyboards, and with the Matias click switch, this keyboard is really something good, something special.

Clicky feeling

I like a lot more real din bump, a full-bodied recoil in the mechanical keyboard, I like the keyboards that make me think to the typewriter: not just for the tactile feedback, but for the auditive feedback too.

I use 60% mechanical keyboards, my meat, cut for me.

Functions keys and numeric keypad

I use not so much function keys or numeric keypad, so for me is needless a standard keyboard 104 keys, and in my space, the right part of kb takes out my space where I use the mouse.

I'm dreaming too a 60' keyboard with Buckling spring, I'm waiting for a good moment.I would like a lot a Keyboard Paradise V60 with Buckling Spring.

The feedback

I found really interesting the feedback of Matias click switch, the sound keys too, the keycaps are in good ABS lightly rough, and I think is good for the vintage style, at least less soft to the touching compared to others keycaps.

For example, those of KBParadise V60 total black, almost fluffy to the touch, very comfortable.

Recoil bump

Even for the technically specific of switches, clicky, recoil bump, the vintage style choppy keycaps, make this keyboard a little small one, high precision typing, very tasty the spacebar, where the recoil is more amplified, even thumb fingers almost don't get to believe, even after long-time use, very nice feelings each time I press the spacebar.

The SpaceBar

After all, under the spacebar, over the central switch, on the side there are two stabilizers that make their great work: is a strong tactile feedback spacebar.

KBParadise V60 spacebar switch and lateral stabilizers: another great tactile and auditory feedback: you must try
KBParadise V60 spacebar switch and lateral stabilizers

KBParadise V60: a keyboard tailor-made for 60% mechanical keyboard lovers

That's right. That's all.
All that needs and no more.
Cut out for 60% estimator.

Minimal, linear, essential, without backflip, because the keyboard is right so, right highness, comfortable, and the Matias click switch with nice keycaps vintage style are rough and strong, a great feedback.

Quality ABS material, for the case too: made to last.

No waste time to set

Ready to use, no more time to set, when I tried the first time I have fallen in love and I could not stop to listen the switch sound and the pleasure, the recoil under the finger.

If you haven't tried anymore, I suggest you do.

So keep well, write&stay in touch.


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