KBParadise V60 Plus dual backlit with Cherry MX green switch

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KBParadise V60 dual backlit with Cherry MX Green is my benchmark test mechanical keyboard, my first high-quality mkb that increase me the enjoy of typing
KBParadise V60 Plus

KBParadise V60 Plus dual backlit with Cherry MX green switches is my first high-quality mechanical keyboard purchased: my love for her can't do die.

KBParadise V60 Plus dual backlit with Cherry MX green switch: the first love is always the first

When I began my great passion for the mechanical keyboards, I fell in love with some others 60% too: but the first love is always the first; KBParadise V60 Plus dual backlit with Cherry MX green switch.

What makes me full-bodied with KBParadise V60 and Cherry MX Green switches

I like a bunch to repeat one more time, than KBParadise V60 is a really high-quality mechanical keyboard, probably a cheaper version of Vortex, but sure high-quality, however.

A very good keyboard made to last, great quality ABS used by the building, and the choice of switch fell for the Cherry MX Green.

The backlit

Although I'm not interested in the backlit keyboard, I must say is very soft and elegant, not kitsch, like a lot of mechanical keyboards that seems a dance club light.

The backlit of this KBParadise, is very discrete and doesn't bore, blue, red and few red shades.

The touch

The great quality of ABS keycaps makes seem them almost smooth to the touch, a pleasure under the fingertips, and invite you to touch more.

The high precision typing of Cherry MX Green switch, makes this keyboard something great.
Very few errors, and fast speed to correct when necessary.

The 60 percent make you full-bodied with writing and nothing other: you have all that you need, no more.

This is for me a great experience writing.

Worth remember one more time than KBParadise V60 doesn't need backflip because the highness and the inclination are right so, and id you use you know
KBParadise V60 doesn't need backflip

Cherry MX Green: her grace the switches

For my first quality mechanical keyboard, I chose Cherry MX Green because of understood I would be appreciated a lot important tactile and strong feedback touching the keys; and I've made the right choice.

The quality over time

After two year and few keyboards inside, each time I use this keyboard, I try the good and the reassuring sensation to have under the fingertips a great typing precision, and the healthy feeling to do well the work I'm about to do.

The amazing resilience of these switches, is cut for writing a lot, making the fewer errors possible, and the safety doesn't happen anything if you left the fingertips lay on the keycaps: no mistake for an excessive lightness of switches, a thing that I would hate.

The keycaps

The fluffy keycaps worth to remark the point: when ABS is of good quality and worked well, is better of others keycaps in PBT, usually implicitly better.

Absolutely, each keycap makes history by itself.

I did not again try keycaps so good, except for PBT keycaps of Leopold FC660C, or with the Unicomp Ultra Classic Black Buckling Spring, other magic mechanical keyboards; but this is another subject matter.

The high-quality of ABS keycaps of this keyboard, make of it a great item, for me at least is so.
Each feeling is subjective, and for me the best keyboards I'm using at this moment are the KBParadise what I m writing for, and the Leopold FC660C with Topre switches: keyboards with many differences, and a comparison is not logical, but I just would say what great sensations I feel when I use these keyboards.

My landmark

For me, the Cherry MX Green remained an important landmark when I tried new mkb, for the high precision they have.

Perhaps, this is due that these switches are the first high-quality I tried; but even when I used total different switches like Alps, Fukka (Fuhua electronics), Matias Click, Buckling spring, and Topre too, I cannot don't realize the great quality too although the differences are remarkable, all these switches simply have as same plus one simple and great thing: high quality.

And with the quality is very difficult to wrong.

The Cherry MX switches Green, have golden contacts refractory to the dust and self-cleaning, for keeping good constant quality in time, and if you use, you feel.

KBParadise V60 with Cherry MX Green switch: my benchmark test and where to buy

Nothing to do: the first is the first.

My first high-quality mechanical keyboard has been this, so it is unavoidable my benchmark when I try new keyboard: and if is so because of writing with this KBP makes me great satisfaction, and practically my benchmark is the satisfaction.

And keeping this benchmark as the reference point, never betrayed me, each time I use this keyboard time after used others, I'm always glad and satisfied with this my first high-quality purchase about the mechanical keyboards.

These switches are one of my best as stiffness, so beyond the tactile and clicky feedback I search a solid return under the fingertips.

I've particularly come to care with this keyboard, that always returns me a safety typing style, precision, efficiency.

I purchased on Keyboard Company UK, one of best Europe's vendor specialized in mechanical keyboards, indeed sell just these items, and some mouse too, and this keyboard is not so simple to find everywhere, especially with the Cherry MX Green switch.

So typing well&stay in touch.


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