How to keep clean cowboy straw hat

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Don't lose the moment when you have to keep your cowboy straw hat, don't get carried away: keep calm and use simple but successful kind of cleaning, lukewarm water, and medium-soft sponge and brush, and sweet hand
Cowboy straw hat

Keeping cleaned and fresh your cowboy straw hat is a simple action but needs alert: it doesn't need much to ruin it.

It's enough a sponge and a brush: and kind of gentle way to clean

Fortunately, it's enough a good medium-soft sponge, a brush, with medium-soft bristles too, and kind of gentle way to clean it.

Or eraser too

Even a simple eraser in medium-soft white and clean rubber, that for erasing pencil on paper.

Lukewarm water, better with spray, and clean with the sponge, and then brush.

That's all? Almost.

Cowboy straw hats, palm leaf, shantung: the fabrics treatment keep them in good condition

I have two straw hats, one in straw, another in shantung, and my first Atwood hat Gus 7X in a palm leaf, similar typology of straw, at a price that I find interesting, for the first time even for the shipping and the customs duties too included in payment.

Atwood Gus 7X palm leaf cowboy hat

Atwood Men's Gus 7X Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat, by Boot Barn, Inc – Cowboy Boots, West where I purchased my first Stetson straw hat, but on their website.

Very strong hat

…I was saying, the cowboy hats are very strong, built to last, resistant to all the bad weather, hot or cold, and with the special treatment they really resist against the dirty, oil, and so.

But: they need very attention to cleaning, they are so strong to keeping well and so delicate, subtle, when need to be cleaned.

My experience with wrong kind of cleaning and the risk to ruin the hat

Unfortunately, with my best straw hats Stetson Grant, I got lost in the moment when I didn't get to cleaning, and I used a plastic brush, with soap, I really risked to ruin it definitively.

I stopped me before, fortunately, and the day after and a good breath, I find the right solution to repair it with a stiffening fabric spray and I'm getting to repair it.

I gave a great sigh of relief, when I realized to repair it is possibile, and I'm very glad.
Good for me and for my hat.

The importance of soft cleaning

But we must come back to the cleaning, for the cowboy straw hat, or palm leaf, or shantung.

Sanitizes the hat and keep it hygienic appropriate, is very simple, sometimes could happens the stains are hard to clean: keep calm, take a good breath, and always keep the sweet hand.

The cowboy hat are simple to clean

Don't forget that the cowboy straw hats (palm leaf, shantung, and so) are very strong, and all in all, they are very simple to clean, but you have not to go hard with the hand, and the tools (sponge and brush): never.

Is not necessary to use soap, or various cleaners, don't forget the great invention of hot water: it's really enough, and you avoid to ruin the hat.

A few simple solutions to keep cleaned and fresh the cowboy straw hat

Now, how to keep cleaned and fresh your cowboy straw hat: with calm and simple kind of cleaning.

The tools

Medium-soft sponge, and brush, new, clean, to use just for clear hats, and then there are few solutions.

The steam

1) If you have the possibility to have steam (the great invention of hot water), is good, a very fast coat to the hat, and after clean with the sponge in clockwise (the straw hats are realized so), and then with the medium-soft brush: that's all.

Patience, keep calm and work well.

The steam on the sponge

2) If you prefer you can put the steam on the sponge before to clean the hat, and then brush.

Not ever is so simple to have a steam at hand, so you can use a spray water, little splash on the hat, and with a warm and soft towel for clean.

With lukewarm water

3) I saw that it's enough even lukewarm water, wet little the sponge, clean the hat, and then brush, I got good results in this simple way.

To sanitize the hat is simple, sometimes the stains are stiffer to clean, but with calm, you get to have a fresh and cleaned straw hat, however, sponge and brush.

Don't loose the moment

You have not to lose the moment, when you have to keep clean your cowboy straw hat, don't get carried away if there are dirty stains: keep calm and use simple but successful kind of cleaning, lukewarm water, and medium-soft sponge and brush, and sweet hand.

The best is the steam: but if you don't have at hand?

I would like a lot to have a steam generator, I think I will purchase, just possibile.

“The great invention of warm water,” sponge, brush and sweet hand is the right way to keep cleaned and fresh your cowboy straw hat.

Let it dry alone, the treatment on the fabric cowboy hat permits to dry rather soon.

Watch this good video, where a professional show to clean the hat with a dry sponge; actually, you need little-warm water just when the dirt is strong.

Brush hats

If you want to keep fresh and clean your hat, take a good item once time, and it will last for a long time with great results.

A good brush always kept clean, is all that you need to keep well your hatk, clear for clear hat, dark for dark hat.

And warm water, or better, steam: that's all.


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