High quality blade DE razor shave

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The high quality blade DE razor shave permits a sweet and good shaving
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High quality blade DE razor shave: that'all you need for a comfortable, sweet and pleasantly shaving possible with DE razor shave.

High quality blade DE razor shave and a good shaving

The right choice of the blade for DE razor shave must aim to the quality shaving.
When you use a good Double Edge shaving razor, you have to complete the opera with the right blade.

The results with good blade

If you are in love, like me, with safety razor DE, you can't don't love too the blades; or better, the high-quality razor blade that makes great the shaving.

Not all the blades are the same, and are very interesting try, and find, the right blade for each razor, to each his own as personal required.

My first DE razor shave blade

When I purchased the Edwin Jagger safety razor DE89BL closed comb, there was with the item 5 Derby Extra blades; I think they are a discrete compromise rate quality/price, but first and 2nd time I used the razor with these blades, I didn't get satisfaction.

I thought to didn't have no more the right experience, at the time, but with other quality blades I found immediately another result, a very good result.

Which blades am I speaking about?

Which blades I have tried and I'm using

I'm speaking (writing…) about the Personna Platinum blade that I use with Edwin Jagger razor closed comb, and since the first time I use them, I found a good and pleasant result in the shaving, very sweet, for the razor too, it's clear, sharp blades.

Comfortable blades with a comfortable razor, I think this is a good marriage.

Even all days

I use even each day without problems for the skin, rather, I feel my skin better since when I use the safety razor, and I almost think with the shiver to the multi-blade razor, now that I tried the DE razor shaving.

Another planet, in better, and I almost don't do more the shaving against the grain, is not necessary if I shave my face every day.

With Personna Platinum and Edwin Jagger DE89BL I found a good compromise, and I'm glad and satisfied with the results.

For my open comb

Instead, with the Parker 69C safety razor open comb, the first time I used Personna Platinum too, but for my lack of experience for my shave, or both, I didn't get so much I was waiting for, and my expective was very high.

A good choice

So I tried the Feather Platinum coated blade with Parker razor, and I'm appreciating a lot the results; wow.

Feather blades are my best

This is too for me another good marriage, although I'm curious to try even other blades.
High-quality blades have a higher price, but you use more time, and in a better way.

Parker 69C with Feather is a concrete shaving, sweet despite the high-quality sharpening, even in the not easy zone to shave, like under the nose, the neckline, for the regulation of sideburns that I like a lot to keep.

If you desire, take a look on the Feather website.

The razor head and the quality blade double edge: great spot-on

The razor head and the quality blade double edge could be the great spot-on choice for a good shaving.

Unavoidably, a good safety razor shaving must be a good quality blade, without compromise, if you want to get a good result.

And the DE razor head is heavy, and the most of weight is on the razor head, so keeps to the blade working well when you keep on the skin, without stress, and the blade in the razor head makes the work in a good way.

The right blade for the right razor

That's why you must try the right blade for the right razor, for what you need: shave all the day, every other day, type of shave, etc.

You know better yourself mus of each other, so you must take information, and especially try on your skin the better solution for you: the right quality blade for your right quality razor.

So, good shaving&stay in touch.


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