HHKB Pro 2, my experience: I can’t stop to use

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HHKB Pro 2
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Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2: when I began to use almost though so little difficult to do a training, what's happened if now I feel me so good to writing it?

At the beginning

Just few years ago, I began to use mechanical keyboards, I soon felt passion, they are revolutionized my kind of writing at PC, and for me are an inspiration for writing too.

More one years ago, after tried several keyboards, I got the decision to purchase the Happy Hacking Keyboard, because my best is 60% mechanical keyboard, cut for me, has been a great surprise when I began to use.

HHKB Pro 2: my first feel

When I had in my hands the first time HHKB Pro II, I did not rest astonished, rather, I thought to expect much more; light, and when I pushed the keys I did not feel the bump tactile feedback I like a bunch.

The first weeks I watched but I did not use, I was not convinced, to the point where I thought to waste my money.

And I had this doubt for months.

When I began to use, just for little time, every now and then, just to try, but I did not get to be persuaded.

What happened after

One day I decided: I must use, and if I don't like, I think to sell.
I had some difficult the early days to keep confidence with Ctrl and fn keys used with arrow keys, because I was used to with standard 60 percent style.

Work out this training, at last I began to appreciate the qualities of Happy Hacking Keyboard, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The confirmation

After months of using with satisfaction, glad with myself to have kept feel with keyboard, I had the wish to write with my best, the Leopold FC660C; well, I did not get to believe how much missed me the Ctrl keys and the arrow keys of HHKB -:)

For the first, I solved to change in Leopold keyboard the Caps Lock with Ctrl with DIP switch (take a look on deskthority.net), nothing to do with arrow keys because the Leopold FC660 have them materially.

So I astonished one time more, but this in a positive way.

The qualities

This keyboard is very soft, ideal to work at night too, without the noise of bump keys.
You can write a lot of hours without boring, is very nice the touch of keys, sweet, very comfortable.

Is very good for people that write a lot with the keyboard.
If you used to the 104 keys standard keyboard, you need a training period, but I think you can get satisfaction.

When you have done a little training, you feel very comfortable to use it; at least, is what happened to me.
The tactile feedback is quiet, but you feel, a little gently bump.
The noise is low when click, and you can work by night without misgiving to disturb your family.

I often think about the words of Professor Eiiti Wada:

“Cowboys in the western United States leave their horses when they die. But never leave their saddles, regardless of how long they need to walk in the desert. Saddles are interfaces that are deeply adapted to our bodies whereas horses are consumable items. It should not be forgotten that computers are consumables nowadays, but keyboards are interfaces that we can use through our lives.”

Professor Eiiti Wada

If the 60 percent keyboard is your meat, I think you almost must try the HHKB Pro 2, before to waste the idea.


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