Happy Hacking Keyboard, my experience: I can’t stop to use

HHKB PRO2: a great feeling surprise
HHKB PRO 2 (photo on happyhackingkb.com)

Happy Hacking Keyboard: when I began to use almost though so little difficult to do a training, what's happened if now I feel me so good to writing it?

At the beginning

Just few years ago, I began to use mechanical keyboards, I soon felt passion, they are revolutionized my kind of writing at PC, and for me are an inspiration for writing too.

More one years ago, after tried several keyboards, I got the decision to purchase the Happy Hacking Keyboard, because my best is 60% mechanical keyboard, cut for me, has been a great surprise when I began to use.

My first feel

When I had in my hands the first time Happy Hacking Keyboard, I did not rest astonished, rather, I thought to expect much more; light, and when I pushed the keys I did not feel the bump tactile feedback I like a bunch.

The first weeks I watched but I did not use, I was not convinced, to the point where I thought to waste my money.

And I had this doubt for months.

When I began to use, just for little time, every now and then, just to try, but I did not get to be persuaded.

What happened after

One day I decided: I must use, and if I don't like, I think to sell.
I had some difficult the early days to keep confidence with Ctrl and fn keys used with arrow keys, because I was used to with standard 60 percent style.

Work out this training, at last I began to appreciate the qualities of Happy Hacking Keyboard, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The confirmation

After months of using with satisfaction, glad with myself to have kept feel with keyboard, I had the wish to write with my best, the Leopold FC660C; well, I did not get to believe how much missed me the Ctrl keys and the arrow keys of HHKB -:)

For the first, I solved to change in Leopold keyboard the Caps Lock with Ctrl with DIP switch (these), nothing to do with arrow keys because the Leopold FC660 have them materially.

So I astonished one time more, but this in a positive way.

The qualities

This keyboard is very soft, ideal to work at night too, without the noise of bump keys.
You can write a lot of hours without boring, is very nice the touch of keys, sweet, very comfortable.

Is very good for people that write a lot with the keyboard.
If you used to the 104 keys standard keyboard, you need a training period, but I think you can get satisfaction.

If the 60 percent keyboard is your meat, I think you almost must try the HHKB, before to waste the idea.