Dining room table, the best convivial place of the home

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Dining room table
(Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay)

Dining room table, kitchen and living room when also for this; an essential choice, the best convivial point of the home.

Something that can't be missing

Inevitable support in every furniture, essential for the kitchen and the living room, where it often performs a double function: to entertain guests, and for lunch and dinner, breakfast, eating with satisfaction good food.

A good table, is a satisfaction, when you sit down for lunch, dinner, or to start the day well with a good breakfast, with family, friends, the people you care about.
Is a product that deserves to be chosen with care, with attention, because is always satisfying when used.

Make sure it is spacious enough for everyone to fit comfortably; to sit down at the table, is one of the moments of greatest complicity; with your loved ones.

Kitchen and dining room table

Do you need the table for the kitchen or the unique environment?

Anyway, at the first requirement think about the solidity of the product, you intend to purchase.

It will have to be stable, offers adequate space, and if not purchased together with the chairs, it is necessary to ensure that these are well integrated and comfortable, even with the new table.

Another important requirement is the size of the surface; this obviously must be decided based on the space available in the room where you intend to use it. Therefore also consider the possibility to buy an extendable table, there are reliable, beautiful, and easy to move.

The materials of the table: wood and crystal are interesting

The construction material is important for the solidity of the product, regardless of the tastes and offers of the market, when in wood, in all its different essences, can offer good stability, and perhaps the best compromise.

Or, a crystal table; very interesting, robust, elegant.

Metal, plastic, in the long run, are materials that can tire, and are certainly not as comfortable as wood; to the touch, to the solidity, to the pleasure of passing your hand on the table, to the sweet and reassuring concreteness of wood, there are few rivals.

Even Hi-Tech advanced plastic materials offer a good solution, if wood is not; solid wood, MDT with veneer is practical, robust, and aesthetically very appreciable.

Although it is possible to have a made-to-measure table, it is hardly that you will not find the product you are looking for on the market, both in terms of size and aesthetics.

• Indicatively, when is rectangular with dimensions of 140 cm (55 inch) in length by 85 cm (34") in width, it accommodates six people.

Round table, oval: possible, calculate well the space you have available, where you can move easily once the table is positioned, and follow your tastes.

The practical practicality of the extendable table

Unless you have a large kitchen, and a very spacious table in the dining room, the one in the living room will be fine. also used for lunch, or dinner, when you have more guests, therefore inevitably destined for this too, not just sessions with friends.

I bought a rectangular adjustement table for a single room, in plywood with walnut finishes, dimensions (L x H x P) 140x85x80 cm (55x34x31"), which allows the extremities; to obtain, by sliding, panels of the same thickness (20 mm, 0,8") lenght 40 cm (16") each, capable of making the table a total length of 220 cm (86,7") for 10 comfortable seats.

The comfort of the extendable table

The ease extension of the adjustable table, is really comfortable.

The two 40 cm (16") long panels of my table are simply made to slide out towards the outside of the ends when they reach the end of the stroke, the pin of the underlying mechanism locks and prevents it from sliding, further sliding, and the panels are perfectly aligned with the support surface.

To return the table to its original size, simply raise the surface of the table a little to push the two panels under the shelf itself.
The table in question has sturdy legs also in plywood, square of 8 × 8 cm (3") positioned on the 4 sides, the seating space is ample.

Support structure

The central support solutions on the surface are also very interesting, where there is no encumbrance during the session: and once again, and even more so, stability comes into play; and the strength that the table must have.

The mechanism that allows the surface of my table to be extendable is formed by shaped wooden supports that use pins with a diameter of 8 mm (0,3") and a length of 3 cm (1,2") as guides, within which the shaped supports slide, as well as an end, stop when the extensible top is extracted and aligned with the surface of the table.

Kitchen table and available space

If you are going to buy an extendable table, it is advisable to calculate the space needed to move comfortably in the room where it is placed, even once it is extended, and then see how much space it occupies in its maximum dimensions.

Practicality is out of the question, especially when you need to have more space available on the surface only when needed.

Dining room table with drawers

When is equipped with drawers, these can come in handy; comfortable, where to place tablecloths, cutlery, etc.
I prefer without.

• Since the standard height of the table is 80 cm (31,5"), undoubtedly the drawers must not disturb during the sitting, but be well-positioned under the surface, so that you can sit comfortably, and get up, without any problem.

Dining room table for unique environment

In a unique environment that has only one table for the kitchen and living room together, you can also raise your shopping budget, since single support effectively serves 2 rooms, even if merged into one.

Needless to say, the extendable could come in handy, or, if possible, buy the table of your dreams; personally I have always dreamed of a beautiful, enormous and spacious oval table.

Given that sometimes, in a single environment, you have to give up part of the space or the kitchen or the living room, a beautiful and large product can; satisfy and make up for any lack of space in one of the two environments.

My wish: a big dining room oval table

A beautiful oval table, in solid wood, unique piece, with solid structure, sturdy, heavy, 12 comfortable seats, I imagine it is great satisfaction; how wonderful to see it set with a tablecloth in thick white cotton, light porcelain plates, stainless steel cutlery, drinking glasses wine, and quite capacious for water.

The idea of ​​the oval table, rather rounded, suggests something extremely comfortable to me; the same comfort I would experience with a large round table; the pleasure of seeing all diners while dining.

Protect the table surface

To protect the surface, if the surface is in glass, or lacquered, or in any case when it is possible; spoil easily, just use a good rubber cover such as flannel, a fleece covered with rubber, with a thickness of 2 mm approximately, it is usually sold by the meter in standard width (90 cm approximately 35,5") so that it can be easily placed on the surface you intend to protect.

Above this very comfortable rubber support, you can easily arrange any tablecloth.

Dining room table, how to evaluate the purchase

Must to see, and possibly to touch, before buying it, in large shopping centers, specialized furniture factories, skilled craftsmen who make custom-made furniture; or even online if you want, from reliable sellers, choosing from a huge variety; of styles, shapes, colors.

If you intend to buy it, I think you already have in your mind, even broadly, what you want.

If you have a large space available, you can also afford a good product, really big, valid, even oval, always very original, characteristic, with a strong imprint in the context.

Very interesting are the period pieces, ancient and perfectly preserved; an investment that will last.

On this page of homedit.com there are interesting images of oval tables, what I prefer is the 9th to go down, has this description below the photo: The rounded edges of the table are enough to complement a space defined by linearity.

The armchairs are also particularly beautiful, sturdy, with an attractive style, interesting to combine also with the kitchen table, give the idea of ​​sumptuous lunches.

Even a nice rectangular table always has its valid reason, especially if it is spacious, comfortable, sturdy, stable.
This is a good example, high-back armchairs are also comfortable:

Rectangular dining room table with chairs
(Image by Jean van der Meulen on Pixabay)

I think that evaluating an extendable and transformable table is a good idea where spaces are limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which table to choose for the dining room?

For a solid, sturdy, spacious table, you have to consider how many people usually sit; do not skimp on space, if anything you can evaluate an extendable table.
If the legs are 4 and positioned at the sides, the leg space for the seat is ample.
Otherwise, evaluate how you feel when you sit down.

Which color to choose for the dining room table?

Without prejudice to the good and comfortable habit of covering the table with a tablecloth, and fleece if necessary, the color that recalls the earth is rather relaxing, it is no coincidence that wood or veneer is often used.

How do match the chairs to the dining room table?

The height of tables and chairs is usually standard, i.e. the table is about 80 cm high (31,5"), and the seat of the chair is about 45 cm (18").
Between the seat and the table, there should be approximately 30 cm (12") of free space for you to sit comfortably.

How much to spend on a dining room table?

It is a kind of investment, a quality product, solid, robust, offering comfort for many years to come, it is worth making a good purchase; it will be a satisfaction every time the table is using.


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