Cowboy hats: wear the hat meaning the extension of yourself, your way to live, your way to do, over the dress to protect from weather.

Wear the hat meaning the extension of yourself

Wear the hat meaning…
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Wear the hat meaning: the extension of yoursef, is something more than protect you from the weather, is a status, is something make feel you better, at ease.

Wear Cowboy Hats meaning…

Cowboy Hats
(Photo by Megan Markham on Unsplash)

The Style

Cowboy hats, are something more.
Your hat is just for you, your hat is the extension of yourself.
Wear it is beyond the clothing, beyond to keep well the head, beyond the time; it never goes out the style, because it doesn't follow any style: the cowboy hat is the style.

The style of Life.

History of the Cowboy Hat on National Cowboy Museum

The People

Women and Men, hard workers, carpenters, herdsmen, breeders, preachers, bricklayers, sheriffs, business people; it's worn by everyone, although is born for the cowboy.

(Photo by Megan Markham on Unsplash)

It has gone beyond the People was created for, crossing all boundaries, entering into the culture as something indispensable, which cannot due without.