Atwood Gus 7X Cowboy Hat Palm Leaf: sturdy stuff

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Original cowboy hat Atwood Gus palm leaf 7X: my best, I like a bunch the cowboy hat with this shape of crown
Atwood Gus 7X Cowboy Hat (front dip)

Atwood Gus 7X cowboy hat palm leaf: very interesting quality/price ratio, amazing crown, beautiful crease and brims, sturdy stuff.

Atwood Gus 7X Cowboy Hat Palm Leaf: sturdy stuff

If I had known before I would not have waited so long to purchase it.
It's not so light in weight as the cowboy straw hats, really light, but it's great.

Atwood Gus 7X: crown shape

The shape of this hat for me is very appreciable, the cowboy hats I like the most: high crown, especially in the back (51/2 inch, 14 cm), to go down towards the front with a beautiful and lid crease, and two healthy dents, with the brims well rounded upwards.

A crazy cool.

The Atwood website: Atwood Hats | Western Cowboy Hats | Frankston & Tyler, TX: go on.

The robustness of the palm leaf

I didn't think the palm leaf could be so sturdy, this was my first purchase of a palm leaf hat, and I was really very, very satisfied.

This is absolutely my best, without taking anything away to the Stetson Grant that literally revolutionized, as far as I'm concerned, the way of understanding, of living, the hat.

Features of the Atwood Gus 7X palm leaf cowboy hat

The shape of the crown of the Atwood Gus 7X is particularly oval, good it has turned out my idea to buy it of 2 sizes in more that is mine.

I had already experienced this when I bought the Stetson straw hats, given the rigidity of the material, at least one extra size allows the hat to be worn at its best, without being too tight.

Choice of the size of the palm leaf cowboy hat

Since I knew, having acquired information before the purchase, that the palm leaf was rather resistant, and still amazed me when I saw it first hand, I thought I would buy it for 2 plus sizes instead of just one, and the choice proved to be particularly apt.

Great satisfaction is given by a correct evaluation; after all the information is there, just look for it.

Strong stuff

The cowboy hat in straw, shantung, palm leaf, is rather rigid, rather non-deformable, although it is possible to shape it as you wish, with steam for example, by heating the material with which it is made, and then working the brim with a clean cloth.

These materials are treated to be water repellent and stain-resistant, this gives the hat a rather consistent structure.

So it is always good to choose at least one more size, compared to felt, or wool, where the hat is much softer especially for how much it concerns the crown, it has a different rigidity, which can be corrected rather easily, unlike cowboy hats in straw, shantung and palm leaf.

Where to buy

I bought Atwood Gus 7X Palm Leaf Cowboy hat on from the vendor Boot Barn, Inc – Cowboy Boots, West which I used, with satisfaction, several times.

The eBay Global Shipping program allows you to calculate, and pay immediately, also the import costs, so you no longer have to worry about delivery, and since the price you know immediately, you avoid any surprises when the import costs are quite high (expenses of the carrier + customs charges).

Besides, if you love the original cowboy hats, especially some specific hat, it's not so easy for me to find them neither in Italy nor in Europe, and on balance (because the import, shipping, and profit costs must also be applied by the seller) I think is the best solution, and also the most convenient.

First of all, I repeat: the cowboy hats available on the European market have a rather limited choice, certainly not as wide as that of the US market.

So, if you can't find the specific type of hat in Europe, the best choice, if you want to buy it, is to find out who can make you spend less on shipping and import costs.

Even when, from different sellers, the price of the hat is equivalent, sometimes it is the shipping costs that make an important difference on the price.

Keep well your hat&stay in touch.

Wear the hat meaning
Wear the hat meaning
The extension of yoursef, is something more than protect you from the weather, is a status, is something make feel you better, at ease.


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