Akubra Bronco Cowboy Felt Hat: my first Akubra

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Akubra Bronco Cowboy Felt Hat
(Akubra Bronco Hat)

Akubra Bronco Cowboy felt hat: I'm crazy for the crown, you know; so could I leave a good hat like this in Australia? Not, sure, so I purchased.

This felt hat is very stiff, so I think could live a long life, this I expect a lot from a hat, and from this too.

Akubra Bronco Cowboy felt hat: One of my best

My love for hats in cowboy style, pass even trough this iconic Australian brand, Akubra, and this hat: Bronco, One of my best.

Akubra Bronco: high-quality hat

This felt hat is very stiff, so I think could live a long life, this I expect a lot from a hat, and from this too.

I have others felt hats, Stetson, and they are softer respect this, for the brim and the crown, although they are always in excellent shape, rain or shine.

Bronco, my first Akubra hat, has sure something different in the realization of the building, is stiffer for the brim and crown, but is very soft to the touch, and to wear it.

Stetson and Akubra Hats

Between my Stetson hats and this, there a consistent difference to the touch, and to wear, two different styles, but both greats.

Stetson felt hats are softer, pleasantly, to wear, to touch, and when I keep in my head I really feel me a very comfortable hat, not so much can I say for the Akubra first times, but I had to wear sometimes before appreciate it a lot, as now is.

The Akubra Bronco hat is finished very well, with satin inside the crown, and the leather as the sweatband, so even from this point of view nothing to say; hats off.

The first thing I liked a lot has been the stiffer shape, even if in the first moment seemed me unusual, thinking to the Stetson felt hats.

But there is a hat and hat; and each one has its story, its tradition, it's kind of realization.

If the Akubra is stiffer than Stetson (my hats at least), is not a criticism, is a difference between two iconic hat brands.

Quartz colour

My choice went in this colour, quartz, an elegant soft grey, able to wear different clothes, very nice and pleasant.
This hat has felt made rather thin, but strong, and this aspect make me crazy.

I tried this beautiful hat in strong wind weather, and I knew one time more how much is important to choose the right size of the hat, that always has to keep firm on the head, independently of bad weather.

In this interesting video, you see how it's made the Akubra hat, and they are made to last, as each great hat could be.

I'm very satisfied with this hat, so much that I will sure to purchase another hat of this great, iconic, brand.

Watch this interesting video, Making an Akubra Hat: take a look.

You have to know the brand for each purchase

When you begin to know a specific brand, you understand the precise typology of the item, and you can make the best choice in the future purchase.

For example, now I know that with straw hats, is better for me to chose one or two sizes more, respect to the felt hat.

My second Akubra hat (Woomera) I chose a size more, this is one of thing that I generally understood with Akubra hats, even because there is always hat reducer as sweatbands to insert when is necessary.

I always very careful when I chose the size, precisely because several times, something could change, even when you purchase one hat of the same brand you yet have, the different typology of the item could be different even in size.

Little things, but things that make difference, in worst or in better when you purchase, and wear, your hat.

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