A sweet return to the five-blade razor shave

Five-blade razor shave: a sweet come back
(Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

Five blade razor shave: if I've got the great satisfaction with the DE safety razor it was thanks to it because of I was searching for a better shaving.

Archive Control WordPress Plugin

Archive Control WordPress Plugin
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With Archive Control WordPress Plugin, finally I found the solution to keep HTML entity in the database for category archive pages and easy add content after posts list.

DE razor shave: the sweetest shaving

My DE razor shave: Edwin Jagger DE89 closed comb, and Parker 63C open comb
DE razor shave

DE razor shave: the sweetest shaving after the straight razor, but DE with good blade gets a good results without shaving against the grain.

Welcome to my website…

af1.it English section

Spaghetti language

Free{3}passions: spaghetti language because of my mother tongue is Italian, but the passion for try to make me understand in the English language is strong, so don't worry if I'm wrong; or better, sure I'm wrong, but I hope to make me understand and share with yoFu my experience.

I love spaghetti.

And would't you know it, I love spaghetti, I eat at least once every day, and there's no other way for me to be.

Better late than never

In last years of my life, I had to my the concept “better late than never”, I must make a virtue of necessity, and sometimes there is nothing so bad that is not good for something: histories of life, each to his own.

Cowboy hats;

mechanical keyboards;

razor shave.

So recently, I found passion, or better, 3 passions (among others, like music, novel, dogs, …): I got hooked for cowboy hats, mechanical keyboards, and razor shave.

Last time I found out passion for a razor shave double edge, closed comb and open comb and quality blade, straw cowboy hats, and mechanical keyboards that make me enjoy writing on PC.


I would like a lot share with you my 3 passions, that's all, folks -:)

This website's section has just started, but I hope well.

So, keep well, sometimes come back on my website and stay in touch -:)

I write about

I write with passion and honesty my posts, about my passions: at the moment I write about mechanical keyboards, cowboy hats, razor shaving experience, and I have the intention to begin also write about boots and belts.

And so, stay in touch -:)